Septic Pumping is Vital to Maintaining a Healthy System

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September 21, 2018
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Regular septic pumping is vital in maintaining a healthy system. Although there’s no way to totally prevent a buildup of sludge, routine servicing keeps it at a manageable level. You should thoroughly clean the septic system on a regular basis to make sure that it remains healthy. Moreover, regular servicing aids identify budding problems lurking under the surface.

You can hire a septic contractor if you are not sure how to spot warning signs that show your septic is full. It is not hard to maintain a septic tank system if you follow the simple maintenance program below:

Routine Septic Pumping

Quite a few factors come into play when determining how often septic pumping is needed. You should take the age of the system into consideration. The number of people in your household is another determining factor. Another factor can be the amount of laundry being done, and of course, how often the garbage disposal is used.

Not every system is the same. What’s right for your neighbor’s system may not be right for yours. You can call up a professional septic tank service now to have their technicians visit you to discuss septic solutions, as well as the appropriate frequency of pumping for your system.


If you have a filter was installed with your septic system, it should be cleaned at every service. It is just as important as septic pumping. And in case you don’t have a filter, maybe you should consider getting one installed. A filter will help prevent septic problems as it acts as a strainer to keep grime, hair, grit, and other particles that haven’t yet been broken down in the tank from entering the drain field.

Why is Septic System Maintenance So Important?

Considering how expensive it is to replace a septic system, proper maintenance is a vital step to keeping your septic system and your finances healthy. The more proactive you are in caring for and maintaining your septic system, the longer that septic system will last. Whilst maintaining your septic tank, the goal is to prevent the accumulation of solids, as well as any groundwater contamination.


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